The Board shall be the sole authority for interpretation of these Bye-laws and the decision of the Board on any question of interpretation shall be binding on the Members provided that if any question of interpretation is raised at a General Meeting the General Meeting shall be binding.

Membership of the Club shall be in the following categories.(1) Full Membership
(a) Honorary Members – who may be elected from time to time by the Board as an honor.
(b) Town Members
(c) Country Members – who must ordinarily reside more than 25 kilometres from the Club
(d) Overseas Members
(2) Temporary Membership
Which shall not exceed three months in any calendar year and shall only be accorded to individuals availing themselves temporarily of the residential facilities of the Club.

i. Honorary Member – no fee or subscription.
Entrance fees and annual subscriptions shall be at such rates and payable at such times as the Directors shall from time to time prescribe and shall become due on the First day of January in respect of the ensuing year.
ii. Town, Country and Overseas Members.
iii. Temporary Members
No entrance fee but a Daily Subscription which shall from time to time be prescribed by the Board.

a) A balloting Committee of the Board has been constituted by the Board consisting of fourteen Members of the Club (plus the Chairman of the Board ex officio) seven of whom shall be Directors of the Club (including one Vice Chairman who shall be chairman of the Committee) and seven of whom shall be appointed by the Board from Full Members of the Club who are not Directors.

b) An application form to be used on application for membership of the Club has been prepared by the Board (and may be altered from time to time by the Board):-
(i) IN the event of any person wishing to become a Member of the Club, he must be proposed and seconded by a Proposer and Seconder (neither or whom may be a member of the Balloting Committee) and his Proposer shall apply to the Manager of the Club for the Club’s application form in use at the time of such application which shall be completed in detail and countersigned by the Proposer and Seconder and handed to the Manager of the Club or his assistant by the Proposer.
(ii) THE Proposer and Seconder of the application (who may only propose and second in aggregate up to maximum of four people in each calendar year) must have been members of the Club for at least three full years and must each write a confidential letter of reference on behalf of the applicant which shall accompany the application form.
(iii) THE applicant shall then be introduced by his Proposer and/or Seconder to the Balloting Committee (the members of which will so far as possible make themselves available for such purpose on the last Thursday of every month) and in the event of Three members of the Committee endorsing the application form the applicant shall become an interim member for a period of six months on payment of the entrance fee and half the yearly subscription for the category of membership for which he has applied.

a) If without good reason neither the Proposer nor the Seconder attend a meeting of the Balloting Committee of which due notice has been given to the applicant and his Proposer and Seconder both the Proposer and Seconder will be barred from proposing or seconding and application for a period of one year (but if the applicants still wishes to become a member, he may be proposed and seconded again by another Proposer and Seconder);-

b) If without good reason the Applicant shall fail to attend a meeting of the Balloting Committee of which due notice has been given no further application by him to be a member of the Club will be considered.
(iv) DURING interim membership, the Applicant shall in all respects act and be treated as a Full Member of the Club (and shall be subject to the same obligations as a Full Member of the Club) save and except as follows:-

a) His name shall be posted on the Club Notice Board with the names of his Proposer and Seconder.

b) His debts to the Club shall be deemed guaranteed by his Proposer and Seconder (jointly and severally) who shall immediately pay the same if he fails to do so in accordance with the rules of the Club.

c) He shall be introduced by his Proposer and Seconder to as many members of the Balloting Committee as may be feasible and he shall visit the Club at least six times during his interim membership together with either his Proposer or Seconder and he and his Proposer or Seconder shall on each such visit sign a special book to be kept by the Manager for this purpose.

d) He shall not be entitled to attend or vote at meetings of members.
(v) AT the end of six months the applicant will be considered by the Balloting Committee for election as a Full Member and will be elected a Full Member by the Balloting Committee by secret ballot provided that:
a) There shall be a quorum of eight members of the Committee present at the meeting of the Committee held for such purpose.
b) At least seven members of the Committee shall vote in favour of the applicant and not more than one member of the Committee shall vote against election.
c) He shall have attended a further meeting of the Balloting Committee of which he has been given due notice (in addition to the original meeting attended by him) provided that on this occasion his Proposer and Seconder need not attend.
(vi) IF without good reason the Applicant fails to attend the further meeting referred to above on three consecutive occasions of which due notice has been given his membership shall automatically terminate.
(vii) IF the applicant shall be elected as a Full Member in accordance with the foregoing he shall within two weeks of being so informe3d (in writing) pay the Annual Subscription applicable provided that for this purpose the initial annual subscription shall be calculated on a monthly basis so the applicant will pay such proportion thereof as may be due for the remaining months of the year in which he becomes a full member allowance having been made for any portion on the year covered by the six month’s subscription paid on becoming an interim member.
(viii) IF the applicant shall fail to be elected as a Full Member either because less than seven members of the Committee have voted in his favour or because two or more members of the Committee have voted against his election or if the applicant shall fail to pay the Annual Subscription as stated above or for any other reason the applicant shall immediately cease to be an interim member and shall be precluded from applying for membership of the Club for period of one year from date of such preclusion during which time he may not be introduced to the Club as a guest.

i. A Member of the Club shall be entitled to use the Club premises, that is the grounds, lounge, dining-room, bar, verandah and other general rooms with appropriate facilities and, subject to availability, shall be entitled to accommodation. No Member may enter the Manager’s office, the reception office, the kitchens, stores, and quarters or any occupied room or flat, or go behind the bar, without the permission of the Manager who shall in case of need refer the matter to the Board.
ii. A Member shall be entitled to sign for the cost of any meal but is required to pay cash for anything purchased from the bar, whether consumed there or elsewhere.

Any Member may introduce guests to the Club provided:-
i. That the name of such guest is entered in the book kept for that purpose.
ii. That such guest may not have been rejected as a member.
iii. That such guest shall be properly dressed and suitably behaved.
iv. That unless prior arrangements have been made with the Manager, not more than three guests may be entertained by any Member to Sunday lunch and not more than five guests to any other meal.
v. That the Board may restrict the privilege of introducing guests either generally or in respect of any member or any particular guest for such time as it shall think fit.
vi. No guest may be introduced more than four times in one calendar month.

Members and their guests are expected to dress n a manner suitable to the dignity of the Club and bearing in mind the hour of the day. Hats, save those forming part of customary dress, may not be worn by male members in the rooms of the Club.

i. All accounts shall be made up at the end of each month, sent to Members and paid by the end of the month in which they are sent, provided that where any Member vacates accommodation payment is due immediately on presentation of the account.
ii. Failure to pay as above shall be reported to the Board who may direct that the name of the Member concerned be posted on the Board of the Club in the reception hall and that a posting fee be paid by the Member.
iii. The Board shall have the right to direct (a) that a Member shall not increase his indebtedness to the Club and (b) that a Member shall not make use of he Club until his account has been paid in full.
iv. If any unpaid amount in respect of which a Member has been posted has not been paid within three calendar months from the date upon which it became payable the Member concerned shall cease to be a Member of the Club unless he excuses his default to the satisfaction of the Board.
v. Accommodation: – all accommodation bills must be paid upfront.

i. Tipping of Club servants is not allowed but contributions to the staff Gratuity Fund should be handed to the Manager of the Club or his assistant, and a receipt taken.
ii. No Member of the Club shall induce servant of the club to leave the service of the Club.
iii. No Member of the Club shall discuss with any servant of the Club his terms of service or working conditions or the terms of service or working conditions or any other employee or the Club. If Members are concerned about these matters they should refer it the Board.
iv. No Member of the Club shall become involved in any alteration with any servant of the Club but the matter shall be reported to the Manager or the Board as the Member may wish. In the event of any report the Manager shall report to the Board.

i. The facilities of the Library are available to Full Members free of charge.
ii. Temporary Members may use the Library on payment of a deposit which is refundable when they cease to be Temporary Members.
iii. The Library Committee shall be responsible for drawing up rules to be observed by all persons using the Library. These Rules, and any subsequent amendments, shall first be approved by the Board. Prior to posting in the Library.

i. The facilities of the Snooker Room are available to Full and Temporary Members.
ii. Members may introduce guests in the Snooker Room provided that the Rules governing the introduction of guests are strictly observed.
iii. The Games Committee shall be responsible for drawing up rules to be observed by all persons using the Snooker Room. These rules, and any subsequent amendments, shall first be approved by the Board prior to posting in the Snooker Room.

(1) Bedrooms
  (a) Verbal bookings must be confirmed in writing by or on behalf of the Member concerned within forty eight hours.
  (b) Bedrooms must be vacated by 10:00a.m. on the day of departure.

(2) Dining Room
   (a) Meal Times
Breakfast……………… 7:00a.m. – 9:00a.m.
Lunch……………………12:30p.m. – 2:00p.m.
Dinner……………………7:00p.m. – 9:00p.m.
   (b) Tables must be vacated 30 minutes after the last time slated.
   (c) Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be taken in Dining Room unless other arrangements are made with the manager

(3) No member may bring any liquor in to the Club for consumption on the Club premises.

(4) Magazines and newspapers provided by the Club may not be removed from the public rooms of the Club.

(5) Children under 8 are not allowed into the main rooms of the Club except on the Verandah and when they are outside they must be adequately supervised. No minors are allowed in the bar.

(6) Cars must not be parked round the island next to the Club or anywhere else marked with a yellow line. The Manager shall give one written warning to any Member so parking ( or causing any car to be so parked) and thereafter report to the Board of Directors any Member who ignores such warning.

(7) No dogs or other animals are allowed on the Club premises.

(8) The Reception is authorized to cash cheques for Members for any amount not exceeding Kshs. 500.00 per week, subject to any contrary instruction by the Manager.

(9) Radios, gramophones and tapes machines may not be used on the Club premises except in the suite or bedrooms and in these places, Members must keep the volume sufficiently low to avoid causing nuisance to others.

(1) The Club cannot be responsible for anything lost on the Club’s premises. Nevertheless residents are advised to lodge valuables with the Manager to be put in his safe.
(2) The Club denies any liability in respect of damage to anyone on the Club premises and warns all Members and their guests to use such premises with care.

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